A musician only wants to make music. Performing on stage and focusing on the aspects for the show. Without toursupport this isn't always possible. DIY works for most parts, but a musician can't be at all places at the same time. By offering tailored services Wheels can facilitate the support needed. Wheels can offer this by itself and/or by including a 3rd party from the network of professionals. This can be on behalf of the artist, but also on behalf of a festival, venue, network partner or production organization.


As the possibilities for toursupport depends on the budget, it's best to contact Wheels to discuss opportunities. The toursupport can be offered throughout the European continent as well as the UK and Ireland.

Een muzikant wil alleen bezig zijn met muziek maken. Tijdens optredens en tours spelen voor het publiek en daar ook de focus op hebben. Alleen is dat zonder toursupport vaak niet mogelijk. Met DIY kom je een heel eind, maar een muzikant kan niet overal tegelijk zijn. Door het verlenen van maatwerk dienstverlening door Wheels  zelf en/of een netwerkpartner kan die support geboden worden die nodig is. Of dit nu voor de muzikant zelf is, of juist voor een festival, podium, netwerkpartner of productieorganisatie.


Budget is veelal bepalend wat de mogelijkheden zijn om toursupport in te huren. Neem daarom contact met Wheels op om de mogelijkheden te bespreken. Het werkgebied is geheel Europa.

 My motto:

"Recognizing and facilitating each other's talent, makes it possible to see each other at its best!"


Tour management
Artist guidance
Crew, stagehand and/or backlining

Sound and/or light enginering (3rd party)
Backline rental (3rd party)
Van rental (3rd party)


paul@wheelstoursupport | +31 6 44 970 929

In the past years Wheels was hired by:

De Staat, Krach, Doornroosje, Valkhof Festival, Peer Producties, Festival ‘Lekker weer Habana’, Oddstream festival, Dax Touring Vans, Doomstar Bookings, The Sound of Revolution, FortaRock, BOT, Russian Village Boys, Jag Panzer, Turnstile, Hangman, ToodArd, Firebird Industries, Heidevolk, Status Quotes & others.

About the owner of Wheels Toursupport:

As an avid lover of live music it all started in 2001 with attending the gigs of a friends band. I was asked if I could help the band out by driving to the venues, so they could focus on their performance on-stage. This resulted in helping them out with more than just driving. A few years later I started working as a volunteer at the annual Valkhof Festival in Nijmegen (NL). Throughout the years at the festival I got in touch with different people within the music scene and have been doing different jobs for both the festival as well as people from my generated network.


After graduating Cultural & Social Work at the HAN University for Professional Education I found a job as a social worker specialized in youth work. I combined this job with working as a volunteer for Valkhof and doing some incidental freelance jobs for Doornroosje. After some great years as a social worker I decided to become an independent professional and doing the things I like most: working with people and enjoying live music. I decided to combine my qualities and expertise in the services I offer. Besides the above mentioned services for toursupport, I also offer services in the field of care and welfare.

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